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sort of tagged by Welihn :D. I love these things and I couldn't resist doing it with my chars 

Pick 5 characters! If you don't have 5 characters, then you can use a friend's or characters from fandoms.

1. Alex
2. Mark
3. Sam
4. Anne
5. Ember

1. Alright, let's start off with a classic! The 5 of your characters are at 1's house in the middle of the night (for whatever reason), and a thunderstorm happens! The lights go out, and no one has a flashlight. What do they do?
Sam: POLO!!! -runs into a coffee table- ow...
Mark: Where are you guys? heh heh.. -gooses Anne-:pinch: 
Anne: -gasp- think you're funny?  Punch Dumped Love
Ember: -uses phone as a flashlight-

2. 1 and 3 are forced to kiss in a game of truth or dare. What happens?

Alex: -attempts to pass with a kiss on the cheek-Shy Kiss Dara - Sweet Kiss 
Mark: Just kiss! 
Alex and Sam: Kitten Kiss 

3. 1, 3, and 5 are out on an outdoor camping trip. It's the middle of the night, and 3 wakes up to the sound of bears rummaging through their food. 1 and 5 are in other tents separate from each other. 3 has no guns with them and the only thing decently usable for a weapon would be a fishing pole. What does 3 decide to do?
Sam: Laser RageAvatar State Firebending 
Alex: Ninja icon Oh Sam you got this? Stitch Getting Comfy 
Ember: Chanyeol Depressed  

4. 2 and 4 explore an empty and old home with a tour guide. However, during the tour the guide disappears, leaving 2 and 4 alone. There are no windows nearby and the two are completely lost. What happens?

Anne: Did you pay him to desert us? 
Mark: If I did, I would have said somewhere not totally creepy. -beats on wall for a door-  roar scream

5. 5 accidentally goes into the bathroom meant for the opposite gender without realizing, and there are people in there. What happens? Do they try to explain themself or just leave silently like nothing happens, or? 

Ember: Cho Kyuhyun Shocked RUN (Emoticon Gif) 

6. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are on board the Titanic. What winds up happening? (You cannot change the fact that it has sunk) 
Mark: Why not an equal amount of men and women? :shove: 
Sam: -constructs rafts out of doors-
Alex: -freaks out for a second until he finds Sam, then helps her-
Ember: :idontgetit: 20 lifeboats... over 2000 people Toads Screaming Icon

7. 2 wakes up and sees a huge, fat, spider dangling right in front of their face. 

Mark: Britney Spears - Freak oh :bugsquish: 

8. 4 is part of a stage performance and, quite literally, breaks a leg on stage. How does 4 feel about this?

Anne: KFC Chicken Dance (Want some) [V1] I'm fine... Cry forever 

9. You whilst drawing/creating something you've spent the last 5 hours on, are very proud of this piece, when clicking save, your computer freezes, then crashes and closes all your tabs. Reaction? 

 NOOOO sobbing - cryingNOOOO sobbing - cryingNOOOO sobbing - cryingNOOOO sobbing - cryingNOOOO sobbing - crying

10. No. 3 and 5 are forced to stay a night in a hotel together and they could only afford one bed. What happens?

Sam and Ember:Deep Sleep 

11. 1, while at a sushi restaurant eating out with 4 and 5, accidentally bites into a sushi filled with wasabi. Does 1 try to hide the fact they just ate that and pretend nothing's wrong, suddenly stand up screaming and draw everyone's attention, or...?


12. 1, 2, and 5 are going to an event that requires formal attire, however 5 comes to the event wearing their everyday clothes. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, and how do 1 and 2 feel about this?

Alex: EXO : Chenfused 
Mark: Britney Spears Upset you look like a cow

13. 3 is losing badly to 4 in Monopoly. 4 then quickly goes to the bathroom, 3 changes the board a bit and adds more land for themselves, and 4 comes back and immediately realizes 3 has changed some things. What happens?

Sam: Creepy stare what
Anne:  JT Stare 

14. 5 has a winning lottery ticket! However, the cashier for the lottery ticket claims that it wasn't the winning ticket- But it really is, and 5 checked on their phone and knows it's the numbers. Does a fight break out between the two? What happens? 

Ember: Britney Spears - I'm a nerd Oh my bad. -nervous laugh-

15. 4 pricks their finger on a spinning needle and falls into a deep sleep. 1, 2, 3, and 5 discover them lying on the floor, and after they have a consensus they decide for 2 to kiss 4 to awaken them.

Mark: Tadashi Kiss 
Anne: Britney Spears - Barbieney what... happened?
Mark: +LEE MIN HO - Kiss (Emoticon #O1 ) you're welcome

16. 3 is forced to either climb the himalayan mountains, or be in a relationship with 1 for 3 months. Which does he/she choose?

Sam: Relationship? like... what-... Castiel Icon ~ free to use! the feels 

17. 1 and 3 are making "interesting noises" in 1's bedroom, and 2 and 5 happen to hear this. What is their reaction?

Alex and Sam: pillow fight 
Ember: :twiddle: 
Mark: You better not be..! 

18. Sorry. They weren't doing anything interesting, Dissapointed. 

Mark: -storms in door- Oh. Britney Spears - Lucky sad

19. 5 loses a bet to 4. What does 5 have to do, according to 4? Simply pay up money, or do something 5 wouldn't usually do? 

Anne: Go up to that guy, point and laugh in his face.
Ember: NOPE 

20. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are stuck in a trap. The door must be held from a lever on the opposite side of the door, and once you let go of the lever the door drops. The room is filling quickly with quicksand. In other words, one person must stay in that room for the other 4 to leave alive. Who stays behind? 

Sam: -beats Alex to the lever-
Alex: Sam! You need to go, -cue dramatic, chauvinistic music
Sam: Just go! I'll hold it!! 
Alex: But, I love you Exo : Crying Kai 
Sam: Bro hug 
Anne: Confused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon um, why would you opt to stay??
Mark: Britney Spears - Humph 
Ember: -in the midst of the arguing, sucked into the sand- Wtf...? Nope. I'm Gone, Bye. 

21. Turns out it was an intricate prank set up by some evil psychopath or something... Oh well. All is well. What does everyone think of this "prank"? 

Alex and Sam: Bro hug 

22. 3 has to either give up his/her favorite food for the rest of his life, or let 5 die. What does 3 choose?

Sam: Shrug 

23. Last question! 1 gets drunk and sings a "love" song in front of 2, 3, 4 and 5 are watching this in the background. What happens?

Alex: Spidey Groovy Dance [V1] - almost exact reenactment of the Footloose 'Warehouse' scene- -when he attempts a stunt-BOOM! and fall 

Tagging anyone who read this far XD

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